Saturday, January 16, 2010

One Small Change Update: Slowing Our Roll

I thought it appropriate to give a little update on our One Small Change progress, since we are at the mid-point for January. I am proud to show you this next picture: 
This paper towel roll is the very same roll we opened at the beginning of the project. That's right--two weeks in and we're still on the very same roll. Don't get me wrong, other people may see this and be less than impressed. For our family? This is huge. 
A few ideas helped this process along. For one thing, I put a bunch of dish towels in an empty clementine box right next to the paper towels. That way I could catch myself as I reached, on auto-pilot, for a sheet. Another? I took the select-a-size idea to a whole new level by ripping up the small sheets into even smaller sheets:
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  1. I know how hard it is because we have been paper towel free for 4 years. Good job!