Saturday, January 23, 2010

Monogrammed Argyle Hoop

Here is the nursery decoration for Lisa's baby boy! I am so excited to show you but I am even more excited to give it to her tomorrow: 
Now, for the details...the argyle hoop idea came from this christmas ornament tutorial at the So September blog. I love the idea of argyle for a little one, so I adapted it to the nursery colors of blue, green, and white. To personalize, I added his first initial monogram using a darker felt. 
Since this was a gift,  I wanted the back of the hoop to have a clean, finished look. I traced the inside of the interior embroidery hoop onto a piece of coordinating felt. I pinked and glued the fabric to the hoop as usual, but then used a curved needle to secure the felt backing to the fabric and tied the ends together: 
Much better. Now I am off to begin some baking fun for the baby shower...Barefoot Sunday will be dessert-based, decadent, and delicious tomorrow everyone!
PS: When I put the fabric into the hoop after ironing on the argyle shapes they spread apart about 1/4th of an inch. I used white thread to cover this little hiccup. You may find that if you use a sturdier fabric than I did (cotton) this won't be an issue. 

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