Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Making It Through

Isa made it through surgery today and is having to spend the night at the vet's office to fully recover and essentially "prove" to the vet that she is healthy enough to go home tomorrow (cross your fingers!). Thanks to all who have been thinking of her/us. 
I want to leave you today with just a few pictures. First up, in response to Nicole's comment the other day, I started to "break in" the studio immediately. This is an early picture. Soon, if all goes as usual, you won't be able to see the table top: 
Second, an outtake from Sunday's post. Man, I love that dog. 
Third, a pretty picture just because: 
Tomorrow I will post about a little book-makeover that I did to pretty up the studio shelves. Until then!


  1. First let me say, Sheeeesh.. thank god shes o.k!!!!Second ,it is soooo weird that you posted those trees. I swear yetserday I was thinking how much I loved them when I came out to visit and I wondered why you didnt take any shots of them .Well you showed me,lol.Gorgeous!

  2. LOVE to see that table top being used ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend!