Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Little Housekeeping

Hello friends! As you might have noticed, there has been a bit of an update around here : ) Back in the fall I was excited to be the winning bid on a silent auction for the Claire and Benson Project The item was a blog re-design by a company called Smitten. Over the last few weeks, two very nice and patient ladies named Heather and Kate have helped me turn my vision into reality and I thank them very much!
In other housekeeping news, I have been doing a good bit of spring cleaning around here. The editor of Real Simple magazine, Kristin Van Ogtrop, once blogged that the way to get things done around the house is to throw a party (thus giving yourself a cleaning deadline). Over time I have found that to be quite true. So, the baby shower I am throwing for my friend Lisa on Sunday has given me just the little push I need to do yucky, annoying deeds like vacuum the blinds and dust the china cabinet. Ew. But then it will be time to decorate for Lisa and her baby boy and I will feel so much better!


  1. Hi! I have an idea for the shower. Its really done for mardi gra but I thought it would be cute for baby shower.If your having a cake hide a none chokeable size plastic baby inside.Who ever gets the piece with the baby gets a year of good luck.If your making the cake you can kinda finagle the results or you can have a bakery do it and give you a heads up ;}.

  2. Yes, your blog looks GREAT! What a wonderful thing to win through a silent auction. I could use a little help ;) Housekeeping... starting to nest before baby is going to involve so many nasty tasks. I'm with ya, but my deadline is a baby. Just as good as a party, eh?
    Hope all is well, dear friend!