Friday, January 15, 2010

Jason's Scarf: Frozen Deadline

The deadline for me to complete Jason's scarf is, essentially, as soon as I can get it off the needles because this boy needs a scarf--it's cold out there! 
Before I head off into the evening, yarn in hand, I wanted to show some pictures of just how cold it is...even in Florida. 
Outdoor Table Ice:
Grill Cover Ice: 
PS: I love how the ice on the black grill cover looks like outer space! And the tiny rips look like shooting stars. So pretty!


  1. The grill ice does look like space! I hope FL thaws out soon! We are headed to see Mickey in a week.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog about coming up for a word for snacking all day. That might be a future "There's a Word for That" post!

  2. I love the drawing of the ice and scarf!!!! Very cool(no pun intended,hee hee).I cant believe the weather over by you.You may as well be on the island.