Sunday, January 24, 2010

Barefoot Sunday: Cream Cheese Icing and Shortbread Cookies

The baby shower was a delightful success! Lisa and her new baby-to-be have been properly showered with gifts of necessity as well as gifts of fun. Now, onto the food!
The cupcakes were frosted with Ina Garten's cream cheese icing. This recipe is so very simple and straight forward and yet a sure crowd pleaser every time. I will leave it at that. The shortbread cookies? They require a little storytelling...
I tweaked the recipe just a tad, subtracting the pecan (the original recipe is for pecan shortbread cookies), and instead drop the dough shapes into a mixture of raw sugar and cinnamon:
I use a small cookie cutter (about 1.5") and the resulting cookie is a sweet, delectable morsel of just the right size and flavor. Would you like to hear my special secret of how the cookies maintain their cutter shape? Once the cookies are baked and nearly cool, I cookie cut them again:
It sounds like an awful lot of work, and it can be if you are making a large quantity. I typically reserve this added step for when the cookie presentation is important (vs. just cookie eating, in which case who cares what shape they are!). The cookie packaging for the baby shower was yet another gem of an idea from the Inchmark blog--love it!
And, yes, if you noticed...these are indeed the cookies from my header picture. Well, half anyway. Maybe someday soon I'll tell you about the other half ;)
PS: Both the cream cheese icing and the shortbread cookie recipe come from The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

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  1. WOW!Everything in pic looks beautiful(and yummy:})! Glad you had a successful celebration.