Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Traditions of Various Kinds

Tonight we honored two family traditions, one much more frequent than the other. First up: family game night! Every Tuesday evening the three of us play three rounds of games together, sometimes three different games and other times one game all three times: 
I love this weekly tradition because it forces us grown-ups to put our "to-do's" aside and just sit down and play. Our next tradition this evening? Putting the very first ornament on our advent calendar. My brother and I used to love opening up the paper calendars my mom would buy and then post on the refrigerator. Years later, my mom would buy me my very own wooden tree with porcelain ornaments (thanks Mom!). During Amelia's first Christmastime as an infant, Jason and I imagined her being old enough to select and hang the ornaments herself. She did just that this evening...my how time does fly!

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