Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Paper Lights

As promised, we completed our quick, weeknight craft this evening and all is up and running...or hanging, as it were. I got the idea from a very cute and artsy-crafty blog MyCakies, where mama/blogger Rubyellen made hers out of fabric. I have a much larger selection of paper than fabric around here (at least for now ;), so I decided to make the most of my available resources instead of heading to the store. Amelia and I painted white paper to the "bulb" colors of our choosing. Then I did all of the tracing, cutting, and hole-punching (I made a little bulb template out of thicker paper for the tracing): 
Finally, I had the help of tiny hands in stringing the lights onto the ribbon and choosing the color order:
All the while Jason was on the roof putting up the real lights!:
PS: To keep the individual bulbs evenly spaced, I made a loose knot at the top of each bulb :)

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