Sunday, December 20, 2009

Barefoot Sunday: Sunrise Smoothie

This was a fun, easy, and delicious breakfast concoction. The flavor was smooth, and not overpowered by any particular ingredient. Also, I very much enjoyed the lack of banana in the recipe--the strawberry/banana flavor combo is not my favorite. You can find the recipe right here at love when that happens!
In the Barefoot Contessa episode where this smoothie is made, Ina serves it to her pals alongside a sour cream coffee cake. Sounds delicious...but if I am going to make it until lunch without getting crabby I am going to need some protein; so our smoothies were enjoyed with scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast (with help from Amelia :): 
In doggie news: Isa enjoyed some extra watermelon while practicing her "sit"--she's almost got it! Now, if we can only get her to use the new doggie door...
I love Sunday mornings. Have a lovely, lovely day.  

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