Sunday, December 27, 2009

Barefoot Sunday: Cheese Puffs

To date, I had been avoiding making anything of Ina's that included a "Pâte à choux" dough (French pastry dough, pronounced "Pah ta shoo"), due solely to the intimidation factor--though her profiteroles make my mouth water every time I watch that episode. This Sunday, I was up to the challenge since I had my mom (a.k.a., a willing victim) to help me in the kitchen ;)
We watched, with fervor, over this little pot...what in the world is scalded milk supposed to look like? 
Then, immediately after adding the flour, we took turns beating the mixture "vigorously with a wooden spoon," per the recipe. It created this giant lump o' stuff that would have terrified me had I not seen Ina already make her own lump o' stuff on the profiterole episode. 
In the Cheese Puffs recipe, out of Barefoot in Paris (Thanks, Jason!), Ina says that while a Pâte à choux dough seems complicated at first, you essentially end up getting the hang of it. I would agree with that whole heartedly, it was certainly complicated but not as scary as I was making it out to be.
About 40 cheese puffs disappeared with the blink of an eye. That should tell you plenty about the recipe :)

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