Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vintage Pilgrims

Aren't these two something? They were Jason's cherished Thanksgiving decorations throughout his childhood. New to our stash of decorations, I find them both adorable and hilarious. The hilarity is, in part, due to them very much resembling my side of the family (seriously, you guys...it's creepy). Adorable, because they are so sweet and chubby...even the boy holding his lovely musket!

You may or may not notice that this image takes place on the dining room table. I needed a break from the visual chaos of the craft table. When combined with dish piles, laundry piles, and the like it was just too much. I needed a clean, pretty sight somewhere and for now, this is where it landed. I have seen many a blogging crafter turn a guest room into a studio...perhaps one day...for now, peace via chubby vintage pilgrims. 

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