Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Little More of This and a Knitted Necklace

The rain kept on coming today: 

Poor Amelia is home sick from school, so mostly she and I just relaxed. She had some popsicles and orange juice and I had a little chamomile (yum!):

I also continued to work on my new knitting project: a knitlace. A what?! It's called a "knitlace," short for "knitted necklace," according to Tara Frey of Blogging for Bliss fame and sold via her etsy shop. Of course, as soon as I saw them I wanted to make my own. 

Right now it's resembling either a toy snake in the making or perhaps a scarf for Isa my chihuahua. But soon it will be a stylish and chic accessory. I can't wait! 

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