Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Handmade Mouse

Yesterday morning on the way to school there was a squeaking sound coming from the very back seats. Amelia and I laughed and talked about the idea that a mouse was living in our car. We decided that when we got home, we would make her such a mouse to play with during our rides back and forth to school. This little guy is made from a free and easy pattern from that came up with a quick internet search. He was done in just one evening! We made a few changes to the pattern here and there, based on our own whims and available resources. Also, I am not quite the caliber of crafter that I had cotton batting or stuffing just laying around, so our little friend is stuffed with cotton balls and toilet tissue. Whatever works!

PS: As of today, is closed for the holidays, but if you would like my mouse pattern to use, just let me know. 

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