Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake Review & A Recipe Too

Let Them Eat Cake (Sandra Byrd) was a book that I couldn't put down...I even had it with me in my giant purse to read at a moment's notice. Initially I worried that I wouldn't be able to relate to the character, Lexi, who is at the beginning stages of adult life in her early twenties (and I am, ahem, in my early...thirties...there I said it). I didn't have that issue at all. While young and at a crossroads, Lexi was intelligent and mature enough to be relatable to any reader. Mostly set in a smallish French bakery/coffee house in Seattle, the environment of the book is enjoyable, rich, and relaxing. I didn't notice when I purchased it, but I believe this book is or could be classified as Christian fiction, though it's not overbearing in that realm. I knew a few pages in that I would photograph this book along with a petit four pastry (purchased); what I did not realize was how many other non-dessert recipes were part of the story. In honor of the book, tonight for dinner we had "Croque Alexandras," the character's take on the french ham and cheese sandwich, the croque monsiuer. I am not sure of the rules about what to share from someone else's book, so I will just say that instead of a traditional flour-butter roux and swiss or gruyere cheese, the author suggested melted brie and topped it all off with powdered sugar (which was very necessary--we did a small taste test since I don't usually have powdered sugar handy--it needs it and is divine).

This book is in Jayne's hands now. In other book news, The Way Life Should Be has now moved from Jayne to Lisa. I love the life-cycle of book sharing! 

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