Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Knitted Necklace

That was a great movie, and so fun to see in a packed house of screaming fans! Now, for the necklace. The idea came from Tara Frey's blog and was an easy project and so much fun to wear. I chose a very soft and textured yarn to make it look more like it's own thing and less like a too-thin scarf. I cast on three stitches and used a garter stitch the entire time. I cast off the end like a scarf and then hand stitched the two ends together with embroidery floss to form the loop. 
Some tidbits: 
* I like the smoothness of metal knitting needles, but with so few stitches per row my knitting kept falling off the needles (forcing me to hold my breath and place them back on). The texture of wooden needles may help prevent that.
* The total length before looping was approximately 6 feet. Keep in mind that I chose to wear mine doubled-up (which increased the length) and that I am only 5 feet tall, so if you are any taller (which most of you likely are) you will need to adjust to your height and desired necklace length.
Happy knitting!
PS: Jason has been saying that I need to put a picture on here with me wearing my now-ever-present-glasses. So, in honor of Flickr and Soulemama's Self Portrait Tuesday, here's me in my four-eyed glory:

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