Friday, November 13, 2009

The Day in Pictures (so far)

Poor Amelia--she is home sick from school for the fourth day in a row :( Bless her heart, she misses it so much. She had high hopes this morning and wanted to do a little painting, but ran out of steam very quickly. This image is to show you one way that I repurpose the vegetable trays from the grocery store: 
We decided that some fresh air would do us all some good, so she relaxed into the umbrella stroller and I leashed up Isa and off we went. We saw this pretty purple flower: 
This pretty purple, um...grassy stuff: 
And this chubby and very noisy bird: 
Even that wore her out. After some lunch, she was down for the count and I began working on some Christmas doo-dads for an outreach project at work: 
And that's the day in pictures (so far). Now all three of us girls (Isa included, of course) are looking forward to Jason coming home so that the weekend can officially begin!

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