Thursday, November 12, 2009

Austenland Review

This quick read by Shannon Hale was clever and very nearly predictable...and then not! It's the story of Jane Hayes, whose great aunt bequeaths to her a three-week stay at an English resort where they immerse themselves in Jane-Austen-period culture. The immersion is intended to help Jane get over her obsession with comparing men to the perfectly imperfect Mr. Darcy (of Pride & Prejudice, ideally played by Colin Firth ;) and naturally, various hiccups ensue. This book is perched atop my copy of The Complete Works of Jane Austen...which, embarrassingly, I have not read entirely. In fact, I have only read Emma. I do adore the stories, yet can't quite make it through the language. So instead, I will treasure the beautiful book and then lovingly watch the screen adaptations.

Austenland has been passed to my friend Rebecca, the only other person I know who also enjoys watching the 6 hour BBC version of Pride & Prejudice. 

PS: Only after I loaded the picture did I notice the coffee splotch on the book cover. Oops!


  1. Ha,I didn't notice it - it kind of blends in with the art style

  2. Thank goodness it was only coffee!

  3. I forgot to tell you that I did in fact read it and loved it! I've passed it to my sister. I'll admit, too, that I haven't read my complete works completely either. I always said that I wanted to save some so I'd have them to look forward to, since, after all, there are only a limited number to savor. But it's been years since I've sunk my teeth into one. Maybe I'll pick up Emma next! Thanks for the fun read!