Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Goodness

We love the pumpkin patch. A field of happy children roaming and climbing, trying to find the most perfect pumpkins to bring home while the parents chase them around trying to find the most perfect photo opportunity. We come to the same patch each year, so our little gift from the pumpkin patch is the image of how much Amelia has grown since the last time we came, and how much she has grown since the first time we came. My oh my, how she has grown!

We came home with these four teeny pumpkins for no particular reason whatsoever, plus one beautiful big blank-canvas pumpkin to be carved next week. And the scarf? So very, very cute. Approximately 9,360 stitches of homemade-by-mama goodness. Happy, lovely Saturday to all.

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