Friday, October 16, 2009

A Finished House

This Little Pink House project was so much fun to work on! Unlike traditional cross stitch, felt applique allows you to cover large areas quickly, which has a very satisfying instant-gratification-effect. Would I call this project simple? Yes, definitely. Would I call it easy? Hmm...the quality of felt did make a difference (the lesser-quality felt tore and puckered) and I had to let go of the notion of perfectly spaced stitches (but for me, maybe that's a good thing).

If you check the tutorial image, you can see that mine is a little bit different. I added a few more flowers and stems for proportion since I had an 8" hoop instead of a 7". Also, I made some changes to the color palette because I was unable to find all of the felt colors that Checkout Girl had. By the way, thank you to my friends Lisa and Carol for gifting me some yellow, pink, and purple felt!

In all, this was a very quick and fun craft to work on. I highly recommend it!

PS: If you have trouble finding wooden embroidery hoops, there are many resources online. I got mine here.

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